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Our goal in providing a Quality in Home Preschool for your child is:

· A safe, nurturing environment.

· A learning environment where learning is not necessarily the ABC’s and 123’s, but is also the learning of values. The learning of honesty, respect, self–reliance and potential, self-discipline, and moderation. Includes the values of being dependable, loving, sensitive to others, demonstrating kindness, friendliness and fairness, the values of giving.

· A proper approach to discipline… Children are taught which behaviors are inappropriate, and why, and given alternatives that are acceptable. In this way, the behavior is being changed, without making the child feel “bad”. Developing their self-esteem, and teaching them how to handle difficult situations in the future.

· An environment to learn and practice social skills.

· An environment where independence is acknowledged and encourage.

Matatena Montessori offers a Spanish Immersion Program.

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