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Program Activities

Matatena Montessori offers in Home preschool services for children 2 to 5 years old.

Matatena Montessori provides a full Montessori curriculum which include:

  • Practical life exercises that enable children to learn how to care for themselves and the environment, they are specifically designed to refine their large and fine motor skills, body control, and tools of self-awareness.
  • Sensorial exercises are a rich array of grading and sorting activities that develop children's perceptual and sensory abilities and refine their observation skills, help refine their five senses and prepare them for scientific experiences and understanding.
  • Language and literacy exercises are activities in the classroom with hands - on pre-reading and vocabulary development and phonetics that help build their vocabulary, write and read.
  • Math exercises that assist the child in learning about quantitative relationships and symbols through concrete pre-math and math activities, where the foundation for Mathematics is built from the concrete to abstract concept.

  • Also Geography, Art & Grace and Courtesy.

  • And Music once a week.

All Montessori environments use multi-age grouping to allow younger children to learn from the modeling of older children. While this offers the older children an opportunity to refine their skills and learn by assisting younger children and adults. The group dynamics create a richer cultural environment for the children to develop their social skills.

The Montessori Education embrace the full development of the child.

All this in a combination of indoor/outdoor environments, in a Spanish Immersion Program.

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