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Thank you very much for taking care of Milo. He loved your Spanish, he told me you taught him. We hope we comeback in the future, it is a really good thing to know that Milo was in a place where he was welcome.

Thank you.

Sonta, Tristan & Milo.

October 2013

Thanks for being such a great teacher! We really appreciate your dedication and patience.

Dani & Family

June 2014

What an amazing, Spanish-immersion, Montessori! The best of all worlds!!!

Thank you for creating it!

Katrina Nussman

October 2014

It was such a blessing to send our daughter to Matatena Montessori. She flourished with Flor and matured so much. We also learned quite a bit as parents and our family is stronger because of what she gave us all.

Kate Murphy

November 2014

Flor, Thank you for all you do for your community, Wyatt loves you so much. We appreciate your dedication to education of Wyatt and others.

Alison Paulus.

December 2014

Flor, We just wanted to thank you for all the love & support you have given to Ries over the past few years. He is definitely going to miss Ms. Flor! all the wonderful friends he has made. Also thanks for all your support to us. We really have loved being part of Matatena.

Allison, Kevin & Ries.

April 2015

Flor, Thank you for ALL that you have given in your years working with Wyatt! You have helped him grow and learn and appreciate problem solving. You have loved him and care for him deeper that I could ever imagined. You are such an important person to our family. I could not have dreamed of a better person to help raise my son in the early years of his life. We love you - Te queremos mucho!


June 2015

Conrad really loved going to your class and I know that he grew a lot emotionally/mentally/physically during his (short) time there. It was great to see the new skills he learned when he came home.


July 2015

We can't say enough good things about Matatena Montessori and how great Flor is in providing a traditional Montessori experience and warm home-like environment which allowed our son to thrive. This was our first preschool experience but where you'd expect a roomful of chaotic toddlers, we found a calm environment where every child was focused and enthralled in their own tasks.

Flor provides a lot of visibility and progress reports on tasks our son was working on, great for a working mom who wants to feel connected to their child while away. Keeping a daily schedule with time for individual work as well as group activities has been great for my son. He especially loved the weekly music sessions and special fun days like "water day" in the summer and helping to make snacks. We felt sad when he could no longer attend due to a move. I wish we could have stayed for much longer. We love Matatena Montessori and everything Flor has done to make it great!

Catherine G.

August 2015

I think you do a great job building a caring environment in your house! Although Ginny is usually a bit sad in the mornings, she came home every evening telling me she misses you and Miss Sarah, and also the new friends she made there. I really appreciate the time you spent with Ginny. She will definitely miss you all.


July 2015

It is hard to put into words the gratitude I have for you & your school! Your love for my boys, your passion for teaching & creativity, your home and your family have provided the best experience for Sylas & Rylan. I couldn't have ever dream of a better place or school for them to learn & thrive!


June 2016

Thank you so much for all you do! Aron loves to go to school. We are really grateful for your wonderful preschool!

Zsofia & Kristof Tahy.

June 2016

Queremos aprovechar la oportunidad para agradecerle toda su ayuda. "It takes a village to raise a child" Usted a sido nuestra Village aca en Oregon. Ni se imagina lo agradecidos y afortunados que nos sentimos que nuestro Archie es parte de la familia Matatena.

The Stekly's

November 2016

Muchas Gracias! Thank you for loving our girls and teaching them how to be kind, focused, happy humans. We are going to miss you!

Joselyn & Greg Merrill

March 2016

Our son attended Matatena from when he was 2 years old to 3.5 years old. We observed tremendous growth in him from all different aspects. He learned to be disciplined and independent in many tasks. I observed him putting things away after using them and wanting to help me with simple tasks at home. Amazingly, he also learned to communicate in Spanish, which we do not speak at home. 

Most of all, he had a lot of fun with his friends and he was happy to be in this learning environment.

Thanks to Miss Flor for all you do!

Lillian Lo

August 2017

Thank you for all you do for Eva. We are so grateful for your time and patience.

The Blanchettes

December 2017

Thank you for helping Wren grow and learn so much!

We are glad we found Matatena.

Jessica & Eli

June 2018

You have been such an amazing add to our family, thank you for taking such good care of our Leo!

The Hebrard Family

December 2018

Thank you for all your care and attention to help Yuna adjust to school these past months. It's so nice to see her smiling face when I drop her off in the morning.

Olga Debakey-lee

December 2018

Thank you for creating such a fun and educational environment for Connor. When I leave him with you every day, I know he is safe and care about. And I can't tell you how much this means to me.

Melody Tan.

November 2019

Thank you so much for caring for our girl. We feel so lucky to have you helping her grow and learn in such a wonderful environment! we are very grateful.

Teresa & David

November 2019

Thank you for all the care, attention and dedication you, your family and your team has given our little Yuna so generously throughout the year, she responds so well under your care and that is the best gift for us.

Olga & Kwanghee

December 2019

Dear Ms. Flor,

Thank you so much for taking in our children in the last 7 years. They found their 2nd home in your preschool; July was really missing the school when it abruptly ended in March. She learned and ​developed so much while she was attending Matatena. Thank you!

Zsofia & Kristof

July 2020​

Dear Flor,

We are so lucky to have found you and your school! The girls are learning so much and love going to school! Thank you for all that you do for the kids!

The Mantey's

December 2021

Dear Ms. Flor,

Thank you for all the extra care and learning and love you give Mira.

Erin & Clayton

December 2021.

We just wanted to say how much we appreciate you working with Maya!

She has grown SO MUCH in the last few months--her speech, fine motor skills, and everything. We are really happy with how much she is talking at home, and we wanted to thank you.


December 2021.

"Our daughter's first daycare experience was at Matatena, and we loved watching her build skills and become more independent through her year with Flor. The space was always calm and warm, and I knew she was in good hands."


July 2022

"Thank you, Flor, for nurturing and challenging our girl, Lennon, will miss you!"


Stuart & Felicia 

Dec. 2022


"Teacher Flor,

Thank you for all the things that you do for Jasmine. The two months has been very helpful as she learns to communicate and interact with friends. Matatena Montessori has been her safe place where she can learn and enjoy preschool. we hope you will continue to nurture kids like Jasmine as they navigate through life. Our Sincerest Gratitude."

Brian & Ceres 

Aug. 2023


"Thank you for everything you've done to help Robin succeed and have such a positive fist school experience."

The Pattons

Aug. 2023


"Thank you for the care and guidance of Anthony the last two years. Anthony has blossomed so much because of your support. We are forever grateful to you."

The Perdomo Family

Aug. 2023


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